September 26, 2022
Celebrating a Canadian road racing record — at 95 years of age

Amid all the colourful stories of inspiration on display in Saturday’s 2K, 5K and 10K events, Fairhead was front and centre in what amounted to a celebration and a family reunion all tied into one.

For all that, she was a little shocked at all the attention after she crossed the finish line in 58 minutes 52 seconds, cementing her spot in the record books. The time record for 95- to 99-year-olds was previously unclaimed and her family needed to register her as a masters category athlete for the record to be recognized.

“A friend of mine was coming to do the 5k, and she asked if I would come with her. At first I said, ‘No,’ but then she kept coaxing me, so I said, ‘OK.’ She lives just across from me, so I thought it would be a nice thing to do.”

For all the speedsters in the event — André Alle-Lamarch hit the tape in 15:07 and Kim Krezonoski was the top woman in 17:15 — Fairhead was the unquestioned star.

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