September 30, 2022
Capcom suggests it could revive some of its dormant game series

However, while blockbuster franchises like Resident Evil continue to receive new iterations as well as remakes of classic games, franchises such as Lost Planet, Power Stone and Okami haven’t seen new entries in many years.

When asked specifically what plans the company has for its dormant IP, Capcom responded: “We are currently putting together plans for our pipeline based on-demand data from the market.”

Hideki Kamiya directed Beat ’em up Viewtiful Joe last had a new game in 2005. Darkstalkers, a perenially popular fighting game franchise with hardcore fans hasn’t had a new entry, not including remakes or remasters, since 1997.

Pragmata will be Capcom’s first completely new IP made for consoles and released worldwide since 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma (2016’s Megami Meguri was a Japan-only release).

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