September 29, 2022
Brain-training games: beneficial or bogus?

What’s soft, squishy and weighs about 1.3 kilograms? It’s you. Or rather, your brain, the organ that essentially encompasses who you are. It’s where your personality resides, as do your likes, dislikes, creativity and willpower.

Given the importance of our brains, it isn’t surprising to learn there is a rapidly growing multibillion-dollar industry dedicated to preserving its cognitive abilities, as noted in the Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market Report 2021 by

To add fuel to the fire, study after study has shown our mental functions begin to decline as we age. Our memory weakens, the speed at which we process information slows down and our attention span becomes as fleeting as the life of a TikTok video.

The solution? To train the brain. While it is technically an organ, the consensus is to treat it like a muscle — either use it or lose it. Enter brain-training games.

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