October 1, 2022
Boeing's Starliner Mission Is Going Surprisingly Well, Actually

After years of delays and narrowly avoiding a catastrophe during its inaugural launch, Boeing’s second attempt to dock its Starliner with the International Space Station is going pretty well, actually.

Despite two of the capsule’s thrusters failing after last week’s launch, Starliner is having much better luck as of late, successfully completing several mission objectives while docked to the station.

The spacecraft has been stuck in development hell for years now, meeting setback after setback. Its recent rendezvous with the space station, however, could indicate brighter days ahead for the space capsule — if, that is, it makes its journey back down to Earth in one piece.

According to a recent update, the spacecraft completed multiple flight test objectives, including connecting to the space station’s computer systems and pressurizing the capsule’s vestibule, allowing crew members to unload cargo.

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