September 29, 2022
Bill Gates Uses This Foldable Phone And It's Not From Microsoft

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, so most people expect him to use products from his own brand. But over the year, Gates has moved away from the obvious, probably to keep a close eye on what the competition is doing. And recently, he was found using a foldable device that was not from Microsoft. In fact, Gates was candid enough to talk about the specific brand and model he uses.

The Microsoft founder revealed during a Reddit AMA this week that he uses the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 as his primary smartphone for daily use. We are not really surprised to hear this from Gates, especially when he has talked about using Android phones over the years.

During the AMA, Gates mentioned the size of the Fold’s display he can use it as a “portable PC” and nothing else. Reports also hint that Samsung and its partnership with Microsoft could have a big role to play in the choice of his device.

Most Samsung devices these days come preloaded with Microsoft apps like Office, Office 365 and more. So, maybe using the Galaxy Z Fold 3 lets him stay connected to the Microsoft ecosystem, and still use a futuristic device as his daily driver.

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