September 28, 2022
Apex Legends Mobile: Upcoming legends coming in the game for 2022

Unlike other AAA mobile titles in the scene right now, Apex Legends Mobile is the one that has wholly adopted its PC gameplay experience to handheld devices. However, that doesn’t mean that the game comes with zero surprises reserved for the mobile audience. Fade, is the latest legend introduced in the Apex franchise in a mobile-exclusive one. Fade’s unique abilities like FlashBack is a game-changer for any platform and challenge the competitive nature of Apex. It looks like Respawn Entertainment is not going to just stop there. According to leaks, there are five more upcoming mobile-exclusive legends already lined up for Apex Legends Mobile, in the year 2022.

In a tweet posted by Apex Legends Mobile Leaks, they claim that there are five new legend names that can be discovered through the in-game files. The legends are titled, Seeker, Botanist, Ampere, Spider, and Monkey King. As of now, there is no information available about the nature of these legends.

These also might be codenames for the future Legends. Also, there aren’t any clues as to what their abilities will be. While fans may be able to derive somewhat about their persona through the names, it is going to take a while before we actually come to see if they are true. 

🚨 Upcoming Exclusive Legends 🚨-> There are currently 5 Mobile Exclusive Legends in game files.1. Seeker2. Botanist3. Ampere4. Spider5. Monkey King#apexlegendsmobile #APEXmobile #ApexLegends #apexmleaks

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