September 27, 2022
Annual bat count seeks roosts and volunteers

B.C. bats are now returning to summer roost sites. One of our more familiar species in buildings and bat boxes is the little brown myotis. Like all B.C. bats, the little brown myotis is an essential part of our ecology, consuming many insect pests each night.

Unfortunately, the little brown myotis is now endangered in Canada. In fact, bats in B.C. suffer from many threats, and almost half of our 15 species are at-risk.

A simple way to support bats is to participate in the B.C. annual bat count in June. The North Island Chapter of the B.C. Community Bat Program is requesting colony reports and volunteer assistance for this citizen-science initiative that encourages residents to count bats at local roost sites. Volunteers are needed for counting bats at approximately one dozen locations between June 1 and 21, and again between July 11 and Aug. 5.

“The counts are a wonderful way for people to get outside, learn about bats, and be involved in collecting important scientific information,” says Tim Ennis, co-ordinator of the North Island/Comox Valley Community Bat Program.

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