October 4, 2022
AMD Claims Its Ryzen 7000 CPUs Are 31% Faster Than Intel Core i9-12900K

At Computex 2022, AMD showcased its new Ryzen 7000 Series ‘Raphael’ desktop processors, built with 5nm process technology for the new Socket AM5 platform. Alongside the Ryzen 7000 chips, AMD also announced its new ‘Mendocino’ mobile APUs aimed at mainstream Windows laptops and Chromebooks. The new chips come with 4x Zen 2 cores and RDNA 2 graphics and are expected to replace AMD’s Ryzen C-class processors, including the 3000C ‘Picasso’ and ‘Dali’ chips. In addition, AMD claims that the new chips will offer a minimum of 10 hours of battery life.

Following the launch of its Ryzen 7000 desktop chips, AMD is also expected to unveil its ‘Dragon Range’ chips for enthusiast gaming laptops and ‘Phoenix’ for thin and light gaming notebooks. However, those chips are only expected next year. As for this year, the company had earlier announced its Ryzen 6000 ‘Rembrandt’ mobile processors at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show. The chips come with the new Zen 3+ CPU architecture and RDNA 2 integrated graphics built on TSMC’s 6nm node.

AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 processors are the first to ship with Zen 4 cores, with the company claiming that these will offer a 15 percent increase in performance over Zen 3. The new chips will also support DDR5 memory, so some of the performance increase might be on account of the transition to the newer and faster standard. The specific processor that AMD referred to was an unnamed 16-core 32-thread behemoth, while the Zen 3 chip in question was the Ryzen 9 5950X. The new chips also double the per-core L2 cache to 1 MB, up from 512 KB in the previous generation. It will also support PCIe Gen 5, both for the graphics card and the M.2 NVMe storage.

The most notable aspect of the new Ryzen 7000 chips is their boost clocks. In AMD’s demonstration, an unnamed Ryzen 7000 chip was able to hit a maximum speed of 5.5GHz while running Ghostwire: Toyko. The testbed included AMD’s reference X670 Motherboard, a 16-core AMD Ryzen 7000-series pre-production sample, and 2x16GB DDR5-6000CL30 memory. It is worth noting that Intel’s flagship Alder Lake CPU, the Core i9-12900KS, can hit similar single-core clock speeds at 250W TDP.

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