September 30, 2022
A Breast Cancer Surgeon's Effort Brings Holistic Healing to Survivors

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Dr. Monique Gary is a breast cancer surgeon and director of the cancer program at Grandview Health in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.  While much of her work takes place with the delicate use of a scalpel and state of the art medical technology, she believes her most important efforts happens outside of a hospital setting.

“The third question that patients ask me after, am I going to die and do I need chemotherapy is: “how can I live a more holistic, healthy life?”, she says.

Part of the answer lives at Still Rise Farm— 39 acres of farmland Dr. Gary purchased in Perkasie, Pennsylvania about a year ago. But it’s not just any old farm.  The land has fruit trees, a lodge, horse stables, a fresh water pond stocked with fish, a pool and a gorgeous view.  The farm’s main crop is cancer wellness and last October, Dr. Gary hosted her first retreat for 12 breast cancer survivors/patients.

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