September 27, 2022
15 Google Pixel 6 hidden features you need to try

You may think you know about everything the Google Pixel 6 has to offer — but think again. The Pixel 6 and its bigger Pixel 6 Pro sibling are packed with software tricks and treats, and not all of them are particularly well signposted. 

It’s hardly surprising that there are so many Pixel 6 hidden features; after all, it’s here that Google tends to showcase its software mastery, offering a multitude of options to customize the Android experience to your liking.

With the Pixel 6, Google enhanced the calling features, expanding the already excellent Call Screen and Hold for Me. Now there’s Direct My Call and Wait Times. These are all great, but Google makes you enable most of them on your own and doesn’t remind you to do so sometimes. 

Just open the Phone app, then head to Settings > Assistive. There you’ll find separate menus for Hold for Me, Call Screen and Spam detection and Direct My Call. Luckily, Wait Times is an automatic feature when you call an 800 number. Decide which features work for you and enjoy Assistant helping you out next time you need to make (or receive) a call.

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